Use Raspberry Pi as a Git server

This little project was as brilliant as it was simple. I own a number of Raspberry Pis, a couple of 1B, 3B and Zero W. I did get a standard Zero variant from Microsoft on a conference, as they handed them out in conjunction with an initiative for Azure. I am really addicted to these small things, and always have to constrain myself from buying more. Especially since I’ve not really managed to do something productive with them lately.

Autocomplete PyGObject/Gtk in PyCharm

My love for Python has increased from a lot to even more since I started, yet again, with completing various challenges on It just so easy and fun to create small scripts. As with this post, I usually use Emacs for the text editing of these smaller programs. But, being lazy, I am not that interesting in finding extensions to write things like autocomplete et al, as my interest grew to write larger programs in Python.

"System program problem detected" dialog not disappearing

On a number of occassions, I’ve had some sort of crash happen on my Ubuntu 18.04 systems. Bugs are unfortunately something that will always exist, which is fine as long they aren’t resulting in unrepairable damage. On Ubuntu (Gnome?), this will usually result in a dialog appearing in which one can choose to report the issue that happened, titled “System program problem detected” (shown below). Knowing how valuable this kind of information can be for developers, I usually choose to report the problem.

How to use internal switch in Hyper-V

If given the choice, then Hyper-V wouldn’t be the hypervisor I’d pick first. Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of things I really like: Ability to overcommit the number of virtual CPUs compared to the number of logical ones on my computer. The out-of-the-box integration with Windows guests. The ability to passthrough the hardware acceleration for virtualization (VT-x) on Intel CPUs. But then there are some of the things that I don’t like:

Custom styling of flagged items in Thunderbird

My main email client on all computer platforms is Thunderbird. I used to only make use of the web site related to my various emails, but having the email available offline is a must for me. At work I am forced to use Outlook, which I actually think is also great. But at home, I want to have a cross-platform client and I do enjoy Thunderbird being open source/free software.

How to use authenticator app with Google

Since a few years back, I’ve started to take a great interest in IT security. I’ve known that I should create not only strong password, but they should be unique to each site. After the Gentoo hack, I realized that I am not capable of doing this. I find this article describing the various aspects of bad password habits to describe my own, and other people I’ve talked to, experiences, behaviors, and justifications.

Fix Docky displaying Linux Mint system settings as bluetooth

The need arose for me to reformat my virtual machine running Linux Mint in order to increase its disk space. This led me to yet again experience the issue of the Linux Mint system settings being incorrectly displayed as “Bluetooth” in Docky. Not remembering how I fixed it the last time, as some time had passed, I desperately asked the Internet to give me a solution. To my surprise, information concerning this issue is very sparse.

24h format in Windows Phone calendar

I am a satisfied owner of a Nokia 925, running Windows Phone 8.1. But one of the things I really disliked, was that I couldn’t get the calendar app to follow the time settings of the regional format I used. My setup at the time was: Phone Language: English (United States) Regional Format: Swedish Keyboard: Swedish Despite the regional format being Swedish, with the 24h time format was not used in the calendar app.

Indent with spaces instead of tabs in Emacs

This is one of those things that has bugged for a while, but that I just recently got around to fix. By default, Emacs uses tabs (and spaces) while indenting a line. As tabs aren’t the same in every editor, it will very often look weird when you look at the code. Therefor, having Emacs instead do the indentation with spaces will universally fix it. Just add the following lines to your ~/.

SFML and Eclipse

Giving Eclipse another shot to see if it could replace Netbeans as my IDE for C++, I wanted to see if I could compile the server for my Gaoth project. Since MinGW already was installed, it found and chose it as the default compiler, which was great. It was, however, when I tried to link in SFML that I got into some trouble as it was very unclear of how it should be done.