Problems with the MODE command in IRC

As I’ve started to implemented GUI-part of my IRC-client, I’ve started too see some limitations with the handling of the MODE command. One thing that was apparent to me as a user (well, I didn’t think it was anything special) that one can be both voiced and oped at the same time. That is, if you’re initially voiced, then oped and then deoped, you are still voiced. However, if you enter a channel where a user i oped, how do you know if that person is also voiced?

Progress with the Collada-parser

I initially wanted to have a lot of substance in every I post I made on this site. But seeing as the time between posts would then be very long, I figured I might as well fill it with (somewhat) regular progress updates about the things I’ve been working on. This time I’ve made some progress in using irrXML to parse Collada files and just collect the information into usable data types.

Trim strings in C++

As I tried to create a simple parsing test with irrXML, I started to see that it handles all of the EOLs (End Of Lines) as text, even though it was just a cosmetic EOL. After some searching, I found that a person named Bobby Anguelov had the same problem and that this was intended functionality. Like him, I think this is something that should be handled by irrXML. But then again, it is open source, so anyone can create the functionality one wants.